How to Put LED Lights Under the Bed

If you want to style your bedroom to enjoy comfortable vibes at night, putting LED lights under your bed is a great way to transform your bedroom for optimal relaxation. These lights add more function to your bed while illuminating hard-to-see areas and spots. It will also change a laid-back environment into a charming oasis.

But how do you put LED lights under your bed? Here are some best bedroom LED light ideas that will make your room much more comfortable.

Why Install Under Bed Lighting and Why Not?

If you’ve just acquired a new apartment, you may want to do some decoration to make your bedroom lively and comfortable, and one of the best ways is to add some LED lights under the bed, but is this a good idea?

Reasons Why You Need Under Bed Lighting

To Minimize Clutter

You can install LED lights in areas where your clothes are stored. You may also consider installing them in your used closets. This will prevent clothes from piling on the floor or the clothes hanger in the morning.


You can use under-the-bed LED lights as a form of childproofing. No one wants to leave their kids with electrical devices around them. You will have peace of mind knowing that they are sleeping, and they will not play around with the lights.

Lighting Up Your Bedroom

This is the main reason why most people install LED lights in their bedrooms. If you install LED lights under your bed, you will have a well-lit room that creates a relaxing mood.

To Shop Safely

If you’re a night owl, you understand the importance of a well-lit room. With under-the-bed LED lights, you can easily get around the room without things getting in your way.

Someone is Always in the House

Children like sleeping during the day, and there’s always someone to look after them. However, everyone wants to be in their room at night. So, if you install LED lights in your bedroom, you will be sure that the kids are safe at night.

Reasons to Not Install LED Lights Under the Bed

Cost of LED Light Installation

Although you may assume that installing LED lights is free, if you plan to get an electrician, you will spend a lot. However, some electrical companies offer this service for free.

Time for Installation Process

Installing LED lights can be time-consuming. The entire process can take a whole day to get everything done. This may not be possible if you have a tight schedule.


Maintaining your under-the-bed LED lights is a costly undertaking. If you install the LED lights, be ready to pay additional costs for maintenance and replacing the lights after a while.

Key Factors to Consider for Under-the-Bed LED Lights


The color of the LED light should be determined by the hue of your house and the decoration style. Most people use warm white and natural white lights for rooms, and also RGB light equipped with a controller to change colors and create a colorful room. When choosing your bedroom LED lights, go for low-color/ low-illumination temperature lights instead of much more dazzling or brighter ones.

Remote Control

When you install LED lights in your bedroom, convenience should be your top priority. Today, LED strip lights come with remote controllers, and with some smart LED lights, you can turn them on and off or change brightness or colors with voice control or an App.

Brightness and Dimmable

Generally, your bedroom needs to be less bright than the bathroom and kitchen. When choosing a LED light for your bedroom, look for one with different brightness levels that can be adjusted when needed.


We spend at least eight hours a day in our bedrooms, so safety is important. When choosing an under-the-bed LED light, you should look at the safety rating and choose one from a reliable brand.

Ease of Installation

Your favorite under-the-bed LED lights should be easy to install and have all the installation hardware. Preferably, go for one that requires a tool-free installation.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Put LED Lights Under the Bed

  • Get all the required materials, including a power source, LED lights, remote control or switch, adhesive strips, or mounting hardware needed to attach your lights to the underside of your bed.
  • Measure the width and length of your bed frame where you will install the LED lights, and cut the LED strips to the required sizes.
  • Connect the remote control or switch and power source to your LED strips. Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Ensure that the underside of your bed is clean so that the mounting hardware or adhesive strips can adhere correctly.
  • Attach your LED lights to the underside of your bed using mounting hardware or adhesive strips. Ensure that the light is evenly distributed and the excess wiring is hidden.
  • Once the installation is complete, test the lights to ensure that they are working properly, and adjust their brightness or position if necessary.
  • Enjoy the properly illuminated bed that you never knew you needed.


Is it Safe to Keep MY LED Lights on During the Day?

No. You should turn off the lights during the day to allow the transformer to cool down. Leaving them on at all times could cause overheating problems.

How Do I Install LED Lights Under My Bed?

Start by getting a reliable power supply and attach the controller under your bed. Next, align the LED lights around your bed and connect the controller before turning your lights on.

Is It Safe to Put LED Lights Under a Bed?

How to Put LED Lights Under the Bed

Absolutely. LED lights do not produce a lot of heat that can start a fire or burn your bed.

Final Thoughts

Beds with under-the-bed LED lights have become a popular design feature in most modern homes. Under-the-bed lighting is transformative, functional, and classic, and everyone who loves a one-of-a-kind glow in their rooms should consider installing these lights.

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