Black Light Decoration Ideas

If you’re looking for an amazing way to decorate your party, blacklights are a great idea. These fluorescent lights come with an extra coating that filters out all visible light and allows long-wave ultraviolet light. These lights stand out, making your party fun and memorable for adults and kids. Blacklight decorations make all the difference in a blacklight party or house.

Whether you want a permanent blacklight display or planning a blacklight party, here are some awesome blacklight ideas that will impress anyone who loves the lifestyle.

Crucial Tips Before Installing Blacklights

Pick the Right Venue

First, pick a suitable location for your event. Basements, gymnasiums, halls, and backyards are ideal venues, but all have different criteria when setting them up. Generally, the bigger the venue, the more UV lights you need.

Choosing Lights

The most important factor is lighting. The type of lights and quantity you choose will set the tone of your party. Blacklights are generally available as compact fluorescent, single incandescent, or halogen bulbs that can be used with various light fixtures or lamps that use these types of bulbs with the ordinary bulb.

They are also available in fluorescent tubes. Incandescent blacklights can get very hot and emit very little UV light. Fluorescent bulbs emit most UV light; however, there are two types of fluorescent blacklights, blacklight blue, and basic blacklight.

Preparing the Walls

You may want to paint your walls, especially white ones, to help them fade away when you turn on the blacklights. This will ensure that your blacklight artwork stands out more. If you don’t want to paint the entire room, paint an accent wall in dark brown, purple, charcoal, navy blue, or black.

Blacklight Wall Art

Buy tapestries and posters that are blacklight reactive or glow-in-the-dark. Look for blacklight wall art to hand on your dark accent wall. Use blacklight reactive fluorescent paint on a black accent wall to create your glowing artistic display.

You can also use a graffiti-style wall using blacklight-reactive fluorescent spray paint or an abstract design with paint splatters. You can also buy some floating wood shelves and paint them so that they can appear to float against the dark wall.

Pair the Music

Choose the music you will be playing and how it will be broadcasted. If you have a small venue, you can use a Bluetooth speaker or phone. For larger events, you can hire a DJ to entertain your guests.

Add Ambient Lighting

You will need some ambient lighting when the blacklights are turned off. A floor lamp or overhead fixture will serve the purpose. However, when using your blacklights, ensure you limit ambient lighting as much as possible. You can use shades or curtains on windows.

Use other novelty lights, like plasma and lava lamps, for extra accent lighting. Place these lamps in an area with the least interference with the blacklight effect.

Blacklight Installation

Before installing your blacklight bulbs, you need to ensure that your venue is completely dark. Make sure you cover any window with aluminum foil instead of dark fabric to block most of the light. Place the foil right onto the glass and shape it around the window frame. You can also hang black sheets or heavy fabric in front of the entryway or door.

Once the room is entirely dark, start replacing the lighting with blacklight bulbs and lamps. You can buy blacklights at electronic stores, Amazon, Walmart, and home improvement stores. Choose the ones that suit your light fixtures.

Best Blacklight Decoration Ideas

Black Light Decoration Ideas

Glow Party Invitations

Send an invite to all your guests. Sending a personal invite makes a huge difference these days. There is even more fun if you send a paper with some none invitations.

Scrawl a Few Midnight Messages

Most laundry detergents glow under blacklight. Manufacturers include brightening agents to keep your clothes looking bright after a wash. This means that laundry detergent can be a perfect paint for your blacklight decoration. Take your laundry detergent and create messages on your door, driveway, or wherever you find fit.

Get Your Glow On

You should notify your guests that your party needs blacklight-sensitive outfits. But if they don’t have some, give them some fun options. Make sure they have different items to use when they arrive. Some of the best favors for a blacklight party include:

  • Neon glow stick necklaces and bracelets
  • Glow body paints
  • Fluorescent sunglasses

Hang Up Some Amazing Artwork

Nothing beats the perfect display of some original blacklight artwork at your party or as your daily home décor. Ensure you have a one-of-a-kind piece of blacklight décor in your house.

Decorate the Glow Party Night

When you already know how you want to set up your party, then it’s time to decorate your venue. You can choose an entrance theme that welcomes guests to your party. If you have a large venue that people will be walking through, place items strategically to prepare them for a memorable party. Here are some items you can place in your entryway:

  • Thematic signs
  • Neon tube lights
  • Fluorescent-sensitive bunting and streamers
  • Small blacklight spots

Glow Party Photo Booth Area

Your party should have a photo booth location to help sum up the night. Ensure you take several pictures with your friend throughout the event. A designated photo location or booth will always create fun and lasting memories.

Glow Party Food and Drink Ideas

A great blacklight party should be accompanied by delicious themed food. There are several options to delight and wow your crowd. Ensure you make food glows that will impress your guests.

Glow Party Food and Drink Table

Ensure your table has blacklight-reactive table decorations to excite your guests. These include:

  • Napkins and plates that are different from your regular parties
  • Cups that are reactive to UV light
  • Tablecloths that are UV-sensitive and bright or color-changing LED table covers


Blacklights are a great addition to any decoration scheme, and there are endless ideas to make the most of them. If you are looking for fun mixing and matching blacklight designs to keep your guests entertained, this guide will help you create a unique and memorable atmosphere that will leave a lasting impression.

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