How to Connect LED Lights to Music?

Connecting LED lights to your music system can create a dynamic and mesmerizing lighting experience. Whether it’s a Christmas party or birthday, or you want to add some flair to your house, connecting LED lights is a great way to bring your room to life.

But how do you make your LED lights sync with the music system? Here’s how you can connect LED lights such that they will beat your favorite tunes.

Can You Connect LED Lights to Music?

Connecting your LED strip lights directly to the music source is impossible. However, some LED strip lights with a music-sensitive controller have a music mode. If you activate the music mode, your strip will sync with the music without connecting it to Bluetooth or other gadgets.

Therefore, the easiest way to connect your LED lights to music is by turning on the music mode. And if the microphone is functioning and the music mode is on, your music will syn with the LEDs making it throb to your favorite songs.

Benefits of Connecting LED Lights to Music

  • LED lights can offer dynamic and impact to music performances, especially if the LEDs can sync to the music being played in real-time.
  • Light lights bring a huge amount of atmosphere and aesthetic to the lifeless and dull environment. They are affordable, low-risk ways of decorating outdoor spaces and rooms.
  • Some LED lighting modes can reduce anxiety and stress levels and enhance creativity.
  • LEDC strip lights can enhance lighting conditions and offer varieties for videographers and photographers to use when creating and shooting visual content.

How to connect LED Lights to Music?

Connecting your LED light to music is relatively easy if you have all the requirements. You will need a controller, a strip light, and a step-down transformer. Here’s how to connect LED lights to music.

Power up

Before you install the controller, ensure you have a reliable power source. LED strip lights use a 12V current, unlike ordinary light bulbs that use a 120V or 240V AC source. Therefore, you should not connect your strip lights directly to the power outlet. You need a step-down transformer that can convert the 120V/240V AC to 12V.

Hang the strip lights

Hang the strip lights on your ceiling, wall, or any other place you see fit. To create an attractive atmosphere with strip lights, don’t leave them open. You can hang the light at the back of your chair, bed, monitor screens, and other places.

Connect the LED strip lights with the controller

Once you have connected the step-down transformer and the strip lights hung up, it’s time to connect the strip to the connector. The controller is a four-pin controller that helps you to insert the LED strip and a port to connect the step-down connector. Locate and plug the step-down transformer and strip appropriately.

Play Your Favorite Tunes

Once you’ve set up everything, plug your strip into a power outlet and put the controller into music mode. With the music mode activated, your strip will pulsate when the music starts playing.

How to Sync LED Lights to Music

How to Connect LED Lights to Music

Most modern LED strip lights can be controlled using a remote control or Wi-Fi. However, they may fail to function properly because of connectivity or setting issues. The best way to solve this and get your trip lights on is to reset the lights using a remote control. Here’s how you can fix the error:

  • Start by plugging your LED lights into the multiplug adaptor to power it up
  • Turn it off and take out the power adaptor without switching it off with your remote control
  • Press and hold the power button for some seconds and connect it to the power outlet
  • Hold the button for at least 5 seconds and wait for the strip lights to start working
  • Once the LED strip light turns on, it will display different colors.
  • When your LED strip displays a single color, release the button and allow your LED light to reset, and sign back to the music.

How to Sync LED Lights to Music with a Music App

Today, most LED light strips can be controlled via Bluetooth or a Wi-Fi network. These strip lights have a remote control that adjusts playing modes and lighting levels.

  • Start by downloading and installing your favorite music app that can control LED lights. Some light companies have mobile apps for their lights to eliminate compatibility problems. There are also several standalone mobile apps that you can link remotely to LED lights.
  • Once you’ve installed your desired mobile app to syn your strip light to music, search the light using the app’s connection technique, either Bluetooth connection or Wi-Fi.
  • Your mobile app will show when the LED lights have been successfully connected. Once connected, the lights will sync with the music playing on your smartphone.


Do the music sync LED strip lights need to connect with Bluetooth to function?

If your connector has a music mode, you do not need to connect the strips to Bluetooth or any other gadget. The LED strips come with a highly sensitive mic, and provided the mic is functioning well, and the music mode is turned on, your music will sync well with the LED strip lights.

Can LED lights connect to Spotify?

Most people wonder whether LED strip lights can work with third-party apps such as Spotify. Fortunately, the built-in microphone can detect the song’s rhythm and pulsate accordingly. If you like Spotify, ensure you play the music out loud and your strips will detect it. Additionally, your strips will pulsate to claps, voices, or other detectable sounds even without music.

Can I Use a DMX Controller to Sync My LED Lights to Music?

Yes. There are several DMX controllers with a wide range of connection ports to hold different LED strips to be controlled and connected. However, a DMX controller can be quite expensive for anyone looking for a simple home setup.

Final Thoughts

There are various reasons why people connect their LEC lights to music. Besides creating a conducive atmosphere to relax and work in, LEDs can add impact and character to the music it’s connected with. Regardless of how you sync your LED lights with music, ensure you add substantial delight and color to your working and living areas.

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